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Do you have an iPhone app and Android app?

Yes, we have a very good iPhone app and Android app. Both apps are very high quality and have some serious wow factor. Click here for the iPhone app. Click here for the Android app.

Do you have an iPad app?

Yes - we have a great iPad app available. Search for ASTARICKS REAL ESTATE on the App Store.

Does each property, agent and agency have a QR Code?

Yes, the ASTARICKS system automatically produces a unique QR Code & ASTARICKS Code for every property, agent and agency on the system.

Does your app have a QR Code Scanner?

Yes both the iPhone and Android app have a fully optimized QR Code scanner that can be used to scan the QR Code of a property and display it instantly in the app. You can scan a property straight from a For Sale sign, real estate agency front window or newspaper ad into your phone. You can even scan a property straight from your computer screen into your phone.

Do I need an Account?

An account is not essential but we do recommend you get one so that you can get all the benefits. An account is free and super easy to set up and you can save unlimited properties, receive properties updates and notifications, add property to your Hot List, add notes to each property, view HD property images and more.

Your free account is a cloud account, this means that it will sync with your other devices. For example: if you are downtown looking a property (or properties) in the front window for a real estate agency, you can enter the property's ASTARICKS Code into the ASTARICKS app and the property will instantly appear in your phone.

If you 'save the property' it will be added to your cloud account and when you return home you can view the saved property on your computer by logging into your account. It also works in reverse, if you save a property while on your computer, the property will appear in your phone in the 'Saved Properties' section of the app.

Can I use the ASTARICKS app to view all the properties relating to an Agent or Agency?

Yes, we have designed the app so that you can use it to quickly and easily showcase and display all the properties relating to a single Agent or an entire Agency. Simply go to Agents Card and click 'View All Properties' and all their properties will be displayed in a list. You can easily browse through the list. All properties are displayed in a high quality manner and can be save and shared with ease via QR Code, ASTARICKS Code, email or SMS.

Is an Agent Card like a digital business card?

Yes, an Agent Card acts like digital business card on steroids, not only does it contain all the agents contact details but it also contains their social connectors, 'About me' description, image gallery and featured properties.

You can find agents by going to the Agents section on our website or you can search for an agent by name. You can instantly save an Agent Card by clicking the SAVE button in the card. You can also scan the Agent's QR Code or enter their ASTARICKS Code into the ASTARICKS app the Agent will be saved to your phone.

You can also instantly share an Agent with your family, friends via SMS, email, QR Code or by quoting the Agent's ASTARICKS Code to another person so they can enter it into the app on their phone.

Note: When you save an Agent Card to your phone, you can save the Agent's full contact details to the Contacts/Address book in your iPhone or iPad by clicking the + icon in the top right corner of the card.

How does 'View All Properties' work?

The 'View All Properties' feature is attached to each Agency and Agent. If you view an Agency or Agent card or their web profile, you can click their 'View All Properties' button and all their properties will be displayed in a list. The list is displayed in order of proximity to your location, eg: the closest property first then outwards to farthest property (Location Services needs to be switched on to use this feature).

Can I record voice memos related to properties?

Yes, the ASTARICKS mobile app allows you to record voice memos related to each property. You can quickly and easily record notes about a property and its features & highlights. You can also send the voice memos via SMS or email to your computer.

What is an ASTARICKS Code?

Every Property, Agent and Agency on ASTARICKS Real Estate has a unique ASTARICKS Code. ASTARICKS Codes are a powerful number based code system that allows users to instantly view, save and share Properties, Agents and Agencies simply by entering a number.

A major advantage of ASTARICKS Codes is that they are not random numbers, they are numbers that have value and meaning such as the phone number of the agent or agency.

ASTARICKS Codes alert users that there is a property card available for instant download. The Codes are instantly recognisable because they contain the ASTARICKS icon * in the code, here's an example: 64241100*72

ASTARICKS Codes can be used on property signage, property information sheets, Agency front window displays, billboards, vehicles signage, magazines ads, newspaper ads, televisions ads and more.

ASTARICKS Codes take you directly to a property and allow you to view and save a property in full detail. It's a super-fast system that gives spectacular results.

What is an ASTARICKS Code Word?

An ASTARICKS Code Word works like an ASTARICKS Code but it contains a word or business name instead of a phone number.

For example, an ASTARICKS Code includes the phone number of the Real Estate Agency and then the property id (64241100*72) whereas a Code Word includes the business name of the Agency, then the property id (BEST*72).

The magic of the ASTARICKS system is that both codes works at the same time e.g: you can search for 64241100*72 or BEST*72 and the property will be displayed instantly.

Tip: You can enter a Code Word without the property ID (for example: BEST*) and it will instantly display the Agency and all its Agents/Consultants in a list. You can click the Agency or Agent to view their detailed profile and then click 'View all properties' to see every property related to that Agency or Agent.

What is ASTARICKS Maps?

ASTARICKS Maps our feature packed mapping solution. It displays properties on mini billboards, it shows distance all properties and more. It's a great mapping system that allows users to get directions to an individual property or select multiple properties and build a route and get directions to them all. All properties, agents and agencies on ASTARICKS Real Estate have a map link in their Card and website profile that will open ASTARICKS Maps.

Does ASTARICKS display distance to properties?

Yes, distance to each property is displayed on our iPhone app, Android app, our website and on ASTARICKS Maps. For example: You can run a search, get a list of results and see the distance to each property and then get directions to a single property or multiple properties.

Does ASTARICKS use proximity to detect and display properties?

Yes, our mobile app detects your location and the properties location and displays the distance for your location to the property or properties. For example, if you do a search in your local area for '3 bedroom houses' the search results will be displayed based on your proximity which means that the search results will be displayed in distance order from closest property to farthest property. Naturally you need to have your phones Location Services turned on to detect your location.

Does each property image have its own title and description?

Yes, another great advantage for the ASTARICKS system is that each property image can have its own title and description. This is a great feature as it helps to give greater details about a property and its features. For example: Imagine a bathroom image that says 'New $5,000 bathroom renovation' or a bedroom image that says 'Master Bedroom – 4x5 with new carpet and corner spa'

Do you list commercial properties as well as residential properties?

Commercial listings are coming soon.

Do you have a video or info graphic to show more about how ASTARICKS works?

Yes, you can go to the ABOUT page on our website and view the intro video and pictures.

Is there anything else on the way?

Yes, we have some big additional features and releases on the way!